Thursday, 18 October 2012


"Look, here it is, the prophetic Russian stone! O crafty Siberian. It was always green as hope and only toward evening was it suffused with blood. It was that way from the beginning of the world, but it concealed itself for a long time, lay hidden in the earth, and permitted itself to be found only on the day when Tsar Alexander was declared of age, when a great sorcerer had come to Siberia to find the stone, a magician."
Leskov Nikolai Semyonovich. Alexandrite.1884

Salah satu yang paling menarik permata ini , ia pertama kali ditemui di sepanjang banjaran gunung Ural Rusia di mana zamrud sedang dilombong di awal 1830-an,. Based color Alexandrite kebiasaannya hijau dan berubah kepada warna ungu. Ada juga yang berubah warna kepada warna lain mengikut percent of color change. 

"Alexandrites are, on the whole finer than the Uralian emeralds, the columbine red colour seen in artificial light being especially beautiful... Its colour by daylight was a fine sap-green with a trace of red, while in candle-light it appeared a full columbine-red, scarcely distinguishable from a purplish-red Siamese Spine."
Max Bauer

MINERAL: Chrysoberyl(an oxide with composition BeAl2O4)

EFFECT: Colour Change, Chatoyancy(cat´s eye)

LOCALITIES: Russia, Sri Lanka, Andhra Pradesh(India), Brazil, Burma, Madagascar, USA, Tanzania 

Edwin Streeter wrote of alexandrite in "Precious Stones and Gems": "The wonderful alexandrite is an emerald by day and an amethyst at night.”


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