Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye

About Chrysoberyl
Chrysoberyl term originates from the greek words chrysos and beryllos, meaning "a gold-white spar". Generally chrysoberyl is confused with beryl which is a completely different mineral.  Chrysoberyl is the third-hardest natural gemstone and lies between Corundum and Topaz on Moh’s Hardness scale having hardness of 8.5. Cat’s Eye or Cymophane is a gem variety of chrysoberyl which shows the optical effect known as Cat’s Eye effect or Chatoyancy.

Care & Cleaning
Clean with a soft polishing cloth in plain water. Commercial jewelry cleaner can damage the polish of the gem. Do not soak. Also avoid sudden temperature changes.

Tests for Identification of Real Cat's Eye
A Cat’s eye is a very hard stone and its surface can be scratched only by a Diamond or a Ruby or Sapphire. Cat’s Eye can easily scratch glass.
If a real cat's eye gemstone is put in a dark place, it shines like the eyes of a cat.
If a real cat's eye gemstone is rubbed against a cloth, its brilliance increases.

How to Choose 
Fine cat's eyes should be of a distinctive colour and be as transparent as possible. The most popular ones are those of a beautiful honey yellow and those with fine green tones. It should have a very good cat’s eye effect which should be also visible in low light. Translucent varieties are more sought after than opaque varieties and command a higher price

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