Thursday, 3 May 2012


Gems are one of nature’s ways of saying, “look how beautiful I can be”, and people know it, too. For thousands of years humans have been adorning themselves with gems and jewels to stand out and wow an audience. Be it necklaces, brooches, pendants, or bracelets, precious and rare gems have long since become one of the favored ways to express just how much wealth one has. Here are the ten rarest gems on earth.

10. Jeremejevit  USD $2000/Carat

9. Black Opal USD $2,355/Carat

8. Red Beryl Emerald USD $10,000/Carat

7. MusgraviteUSD $35,000/Carat

6. GrandidieriteUSD $50,000/.5 Carat

5. PainiteUSD $50-60,000/Carat

4. Blue GarnetUSD $1.5 Million/Carat

3. SerendibiteUSD $1.8-2 Million/Carat

2. Red DiamondsUSD $2-2.5 Million/Carat

1. Batu bata USD $3 + Million/Carat

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